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...grew up in BC but now lives in Gatineau Québec, near ottawa. He has sporadically released music over several decades, mostly in the Americana genre, but also for a francophone audience. his album "second hand store" was warmly received by americana enthusiasts, and since then he has produced several singles accompanied by tongue-in-cheek videos, both in english and french. Working primarily with producer René Gely, David Nelson Ostrosser has now recorded a new album in a humorous/ironic vein which is being officially released mid-june 2021. Dodging sanitary restrictions, the pair was able to recruit some of the ottawa area's finest musicians to help them out, and the results are impressive. (Jump to 'The Big BIO' for more information -  Maybe more than you even need to know...)


Have a great Solstice Season!

Tune du jour

Sentimental Solstice Season (2021 radio mix)

David Nelson Ostrosser

Not everyone celebrates the festive season the same way, but everyone agrees that the Winter Solstice is a cause for CELEBRATION, when the days start getting longer again.

Spotify link: https://tinyurl.com/vcj7d9ts

2021 Radio Remix version, personnel: Mia Kelly (harmony vocals) Claude Naubert (mixing, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass) René

Not everyone celebrates the festive season the same way, but everyone agrees that the Winter Solstice is a cause for CELEBRATION, when the days start getting longer again.

Spotify link: https://tinyurl.com/vcj7d9ts

2021 Radio Remix version, personnel: Mia Kelly (harmony vocals) Claude Naubert (mixing, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass) René Gely (production, arrangements, piano, guitar, multiple instruments) Craig Pedersen (trumpets)

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We're all family and that's a real good reason to be happy (youTube link)

Thanks to "Country Waltz Songs" on Spotify for playing my song "Only A Daydream away" on their playlist!

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A series of commentaries relating mostly to music. I hope to have another blog on the site soon where I touch on a wider range of topics. 

"My Bachelor Ways" album releasing to radio and to Spotify - CDs now available 

In the latest news, AM to FM Promotions have sent newly-minted "My Bachelor Ways" CDs to college and community radio stations across the country, while WaveLengthLA are doing the same in the US. Yours truly is not at rest either, packaging up CDs for individual show hosts in the US. 

Some DJs have already found our music online, such as Drew Millar, on Radio Skye from Portree, England, who featured two songs from My Bachelor Ways on his "Lone Ranger" country and bluegrass show. Thank you Drew for the kind words ("...two great songs..."

Following the release of several singles to the various "digital music platforms (DSPs)" like Spotify and Apple Music, it's time for the entire album to be dumped on unassuming listeners, to coincide more or less with the release to radio and the availability of the CD. The release date will be June 30th, 2021.

Meanwhile "Power Tool Sunday" has her own video now, which has one of the best Like ratios of any of my videos. Be sure to subscribe to the David Nelson Ostrosser youTube channels and say hello in the comments. 

I'll check back in once the album is up on all the DSPs.

David Nelson Ostrosser featured on Radio Skye's Lone Ranger show; Fun on the set of DNO's latest video 

The folks at Radio Skye in Portree, UK have are featuring my music on their "Lone Ranger" program - 2 hours of country music starting at 6 PM Greenwich Mean Time, which is apparently "high noon" in Nashville. Anyway, you can work it as to the hour depending on your time zone. Thank you to the "Lone Ranger" show for that. I'll be adding a radio play page on here soon, I think, so people can go back and re-listen or even catch the show's I'm on if they get the news in time.

And we had lots of good wholesome fun this last weekend at Hugo Lyrette's place filming the upcoming video for "Power Tool Sunday". No major problems and the weather was perfect. Thanks to Hugo and Stéphanie for use of their place (again!). The "Reunited By Lice" video was filmed there, and they also helped out with "Pocket Call". Hope to get the Power Tool Sunday video online within the next few weeks, as the editing already underway.


"Father's Day" Spotify playlist widget; "My Bachelor Ways" CD release imminent; joys of deconfinement 

With Father's Day coming up, I thought I'd put together a "Fathers"-themed Spotify playlist (see higher up on the page for the widget), featuring mostly paternally-related songs that I actually know and like, but some that I hadn't heard and probably you haven't heard either. Touching on most styles of music, the list makes you realize it's country music that offers the largest selection on that theme, rivaling its monopoly on songs about trucks and beer. I admit to doing some editing to avoid leaning too far hard-core country. For something a little more sentimental than I usually engage in, give it a listen!

Meanwhile a radio campaign for the 'My Bachelor Ways' album is getting underway mid-June, and the CDs will be ready probably next week and I'll try to make them available on the site.

For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long my son and I actually went out to a restaurant to eat - the new Pho 'Maison de nouilles' that just opened up in town, because he loves wonton soup. Along with the pub patios opening up and Le Canadien winning their Stanley Cup quarter-final series, people are in a jovial mood these days, to say the least. "Kickin' out the jams" might be a better way to put it!

Enjoy your visit to the site and we'll have more news in a week or so.

Special Father's Day feature, "I Rattle When I Walk" video and "Strawberry Blonde With A Fluffy Mic" released to Spotify 

Hi all, 

As usual, lots going on, which explains the few-and-far-between blog postings. The new videos are doing great, and if you haven't followed me on my youTube channel, here's the link to make it right.

Yell out "Google (or Siri), play David Nelson Ostrosser - Strawberry Blonde With A Fluffy Mic" to hear this calming number on your favourite digital music platform. Or follow this link to its Spotify page. And it would be great if you could follow me on my Spotify profile page, as lots of new music will soon be available on that platform, as well as on Apple Music and others.

I have some Father's Day content to share with you, but before I do, I'd like to mention that the "My Bachelor Ways" physical CD is being manufactured even as we speak, and that it should available on this site and for distribution to campus and community radio stations in a very short while. Hopefully a reel-to-reel version of the album will also be available, maybe even before the CD goes on sale. Let's get physical.

I did a somewhat personal video featuring my late father, who passed away last year, the day after Father's Day, 2020. I thought it would be fitting to give people a glimpse of what an amazing man he was, a year after his passing, and ten years after the original release of "I Rattle When I Walk", which was greatly inspired by him, and which is a favourite for a lot of people who enjoy my music.

So that's it for this blog. Feeling hopeful that the pandemic is coming to an end, and that I'll be able to do a bit of a promo visit to radio stations across the country over the summer and this fall.

The schiza is hittin' the fan!  

We've got new videos uploaded to youTube for the songs 'My Bachelor Ways' and 'Strawberry Blonde (With A Fluffy Mic)', thanks to Thomas Dejaegher at Breadhouse Productions. So far 100% likes on these.

Also, 'Bachelor Ways' is up on Spotify and other DSPs ('Digital Streaming Platforms'), so Follow my profile page and you won't miss the new releases.

Things have been really active for me since the video came out, but I'm going to take a break from the promo and write my Big Bio. I'll let you know when it's ready.


Those old paddle wheels are a churnin'  

In keeping with the New Orleans-style instrumentation of "My Bachelor Ways", the wheels are definitely churning behind the scenes! Thomas of Breadhouse Productions has been shooting scenes for the Bachelor Ways video - there's still some more to do, but the weather has cooperated perfectly so far. And Stéphanie is preparing the album cover for the CD. I'm getting the digital/Spotify release details sewn up and from now up until the digital release date for the single, we invite you to download "My Bachelor Ways" and listen to it wherever you like. We'd like you to join our mailing list, but we understand some people get enough mail as it is. Talk more later.

Getting ready for the big push on "My Bachelor Ways" 

I did my bit for the video and hopefully we got some good shots I can use for "My Bachelor Ways", the new single from the upcoming album "My Bachelor Ways" . Unfortunately, the video shoot scene is going into Red Zone pandemic lockdown again tomorrow. Hopefully the video people were able to get the shots they needed today. Otherwise it'll be dicey. 

Kind of sad... My friend and music producer René Gely is moving to Vancouver :-( He'll be gone by the end of the month. Oh well, we got a hell of a lot of music done in these last six months, pandemic be damned!

More news later, it's time to make supper.


"Faceholes" video ready to go this weekend 

We've got a great lyrics video ready to go for "Cover Up Your Faceholes, Baby" that you can all sing along with. Mission accomplished in spite of Covid restrictions that pretty well eliminated any live performance. So we'll get that up this weekend and the nothing will be stopping radio distribution which we hope to have ready for the music directors by Monday morning when they come in to work. Lots of fun. We're just getting going here. Join the mailing list and be kept up to date when songs or videos are released. Next song up for release will be "My Bachelor Ways", which you can get a little preview of on the site.


The first single, "Cover Up Your Faceholes Baby", from the upcoming DNO album "My Bachelor Ways" is scheduled for worldwide digital distribution on February 10, 2021, just in time for Valentines Day.

My musical comparse on the album, multi-instrumentalist producer/arranger René Gely, serves up a mess of gritty, greasy Southern-fried slide guitar,  in a growling drop-D tuning. Don't miss it. Sign up to the mailing list and listen to "Cover Up Your Faceholes Baby" here before the official release. Radio will get a copy about a week after the digital stores, so be listening for it.

New Music is On the Way 

If you've stumbled upon this flotsam and jetsam by pure accident, I'm just getting this together to bring you a tsunami of new music during the next few months. If you want to be kept informed, sign up using the email form.