"Father's Day" Spotify playlist widget; "My Bachelor Ways" CD release imminent; joys of deconfinement

With Father's Day coming up, I thought I'd put together a "Fathers"-themed Spotify playlist (see higher up on the page for the widget), featuring mostly paternally-related songs that I actually know and like, but some that I hadn't heard and probably you haven't heard either. Touching on most styles of music, the list makes you realize it's country music that offers the largest selection on that theme, rivaling its monopoly on songs about trucks and beer. I admit to doing some editing to avoid leaning too far hard-core country. For something a little more sentimental than I usually engage in, give it a listen!

Meanwhile a radio campaign for the 'My Bachelor Ways' album is getting underway mid-June, and the CDs will be ready probably next week and I'll try to make them available on the site.

For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long my son and I actually went out to a restaurant to eat - the new Pho 'Maison de nouilles' that just opened up in town, because he loves wonton soup. Along with the pub patios opening up and Le Canadien winning their Stanley Cup quarter-final series, people are in a jovial mood these days, to say the least. "Kickin' out the jams" might be a better way to put it!

Enjoy your visit to the site and we'll have more news in a week or so.

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