"My Bachelor Ways" album releasing to radio and to Spotify - CDs now available

In the latest news, AM to FM Promotions have sent newly-minted "My Bachelor Ways" CDs to college and community radio stations across the country, while WaveLengthLA are doing the same in the US. Yours truly is not at rest either, packaging up CDs for individual show hosts in the US. 

Some DJs have already found our music online, such as Drew Millar, on Radio Skye from Portree, England, who featured two songs from My Bachelor Ways on his "Lone Ranger" country and bluegrass show. Thank you Drew for the kind words ("...two great songs..."

Following the release of several singles to the various "digital music platforms (DSPs)" like Spotify and Apple Music, it's time for the entire album to be dumped on unassuming listeners, to coincide more or less with the release to radio and the availability of the CD. The release date will be June 30th, 2021.

Meanwhile "Power Tool Sunday" has her own video now, which has one of the best Like ratios of any of my videos. Be sure to subscribe to the David Nelson Ostrosser youTube channels and say hello in the comments. 

I'll check back in once the album is up on all the DSPs.

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