Special Father's Day feature, "I Rattle When I Walk" video and "Strawberry Blonde With A Fluffy Mic" released to Spotify

Hi all, 

As usual, lots going on, which explains the few-and-far-between blog postings. The new videos are doing great, and if you haven't followed me on my youTube channel, here's the link to make it right.

Yell out "Google (or Siri), play David Nelson Ostrosser - Strawberry Blonde With A Fluffy Mic" to hear this calming number on your favourite digital music platform. Or follow this link to its Spotify page. And it would be great if you could follow me on my Spotify profile page, as lots of new music will soon be available on that platform, as well as on Apple Music and others.

I have some Father's Day content to share with you, but before I do, I'd like to mention that the "My Bachelor Ways" physical CD is being manufactured even as we speak, and that it should available on this site and for distribution to campus and community radio stations in a very short while. Hopefully a reel-to-reel version of the album will also be available, maybe even before the CD goes on sale. Let's get physical.

I did a somewhat personal video featuring my late father, who passed away last year, the day after Father's Day, 2020. I thought it would be fitting to give people a glimpse of what an amazing man he was, a year after his passing, and ten years after the original release of "I Rattle When I Walk", which was greatly inspired by him, and which is a favourite for a lot of people who enjoy my music.

So that's it for this blog. Feeling hopeful that the pandemic is coming to an end, and that I'll be able to do a bit of a promo visit to radio stations across the country over the summer and this fall.

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