From the recording My Bachelor Ways

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A relatable song for suburban dwellers, done up in 60s California sunshine pop style by producer René Gely. An uptempo way to air your frustrations on a summer day. Blast it and point the boom box toward your neighbour’s house. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

DNO – vocals
René Gely – guitars, drums, piano, harmony chorus


efrain :
Well it's a Power Tool Sunday
Too beautiful for words
It's a power tool Sunday
You can almost here the birds
I love to sit out in my backyard
In the summertime

Verse 1 :
Neighbour of mine, it's not that you're a bad person
And I wouldn't want for our cordial relations to worsen
But would you please refrain
From sounding like a train
When you're beheading your lawn

Refrain 2 :
It's a Power Tool Sunday
Hear the two-stroke engines
It's a power tool Sunday
Feel the rise in tensions
I love to sit out in my backyard
In the summertime

Verse 2 :
Neighbour of mine, I know you're always worried 'bout your woodpile
But summer's here, and winter won't be comin' for a good while
And you'd be banking up some karma
If you fired up the Husqvarna
On a day that wasn't Sunday

Bridge :
You've got your leaf-blower
You've got your lawnmower
You've got your power drill that you wouldn't trade
You've got your hedge trimmer
You feel like a winner
'Cause Sunday is the day that Lowe's hath made


It's a Power Tool Sunday (ad infinitum)

©2021 David Nelson Ostrosser